with my freeze Rae I will stop the world!

unusual real post of the year: I’m sad today because of all the hate on the news. you can understand that right? also the recent realization I do actually have OCD and probably need to seek help. BUT I DIGRESS

the reason I’m making this post is the fact that I noticed on facebook, where I post about once every two hundred years, one of my friends had deactivated their account and another had removed me. now the one who removed me I sort of expected as we were more acquaintances than friends, but I actually interacted with this person and survived quite a few friend cullings, and I’m really going to miss her posts. the other one, I’m concerned about but have no current way of contacting. this, combined with all the stress of HOLY SHIT THE AMOUNT OF BLATANT RACISM EVERYWHERE depressing the hell out of me and the ebola outbreak and personal stress issues unrelated to this as well are just combining to put me in a weird mood.

so I may actually leave my comfort zone, since I’m already quite uncomfortable, and say my actual opinions because hermitting and avoiding everyone isn’t helping. if so, I may lose even more friends…but maybe I have no friends after all? I’m in a pretty sad pathetic place right now worrying over this. at least WildStar and WoW exist, but lately whenever I play them they both decide to have their data centers explode or become DDoSed… so that hasn’t exactly worked out perfectly either

drawing would be great, but I’m writing this beneath a giant art block.

yeah, I guess you could say I need a hug, and I wish I could hug so many people right now but I can’t. I just wish racism and hate and disease didn’t exist right now. yes, I’m five years old.

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Dominique Duncan of Nigeria

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

okay i see you, killin the game with your MAC blast O’ Blue

she may well be one of the most stylin’ people I’ve ever seen. seriously, that complexion and that lipstick combination? COFFEE AND A DONUT ON HER THIGH?! CHEETAH PRINT ON HER SHOULDER?! incredible. also those shoes! art

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i am now e-busking via offering tarot readings

at least $1 for at least three cards, possibly more depending on the query. send a question, a donation, and i’ll perform your reading and send you the interpretation within 24 hours.

i am in dire financial straights and have no other way to get money besides accruing more debt. i’d appreciate anything, including reblogs. blessed be.

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Bringing you the best in intergalactic real estate, munitions, performance-enhancing supplements, and entertainment… for money!

Have some Protostar music for the low, low price of free.

YAAAAAY I’ve been waiting for this to be streamable somewhere for ages <3 my favorite WildStar track so far

  • Track: The Future Sound of Commerce
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